Number of InterNACHI inspectors in Florida tops 2,500.

That should be enough for the State. Could we please stop getting more :slight_smile: I hate competing against our own people.

There must be 500 in my service area… I walked into Costco the other day and the lady says “There must be a lot of you guys, you’re the 5th one today I have seen walk in here”

We are totally oversaturated because of licensing.

paper= poof you are an insta pro. :frowning:

The number of license holders keeps going down and the number of InterNACHI members keeps going up in Florida.

That is because of my witty banter here.

People just want to join me here :slight_smile: LOL

It is because of all the benefits, thanks Nick and InterNachi Crew

Very True.

We had over 3000 members before licensing.

Back when Harvey used to put on those great events in South Florida.

The problem with events in our industry nowadays is that most of the speakers are vendors who are selling something.

Before Licensing and before I knew better I thought why would I bother wasting my time joining some org. I got lucky enough to find a post of my good friend Dennis B. ripping me and I have not left yet and have learned a great amount. I have no doubt joining InterNACHI is the best thing any inspector can do to be the best he or she can be. It has opened may doors for me and I even have a few new friends. Even better you can actually communicate with the people that run it like real people. After saying to someone once why would I waste my money joining an org when a realtor asked me if i belonged to any and I said NO I have definitely changed my mind. I will stay a member as long as I can afford to and am in the inspecting and or construction biz. The benefits are insane.

You can easily change that. I bet many would help at events if you asked them to do something they were good at and they had the time. I know I would and have.

Best org. Bar none. The leads I have gotten and converted through nachi would pay my dues for 100 years! Not to mention the great friends and experiences I have made.