Number of InterNACHI members in Texas tops 700!

Onwards and upwards!

Which state has the most? FL?

RI prolly

Only 19 in R.I…


Here is our membership broken down in live time for states/provinces:

Good visual info!

Nick, can you tell us why there are a disproportionate # in FL?

Lots of factors: Lots of people, lots of out-of-town buyers, lots of second homes, lots of real estate transactions, roofs don’t last in the sun, storms, licensing that is very InterNACHI friendly, a regulatory agency that approves everything InterNACHI submits, real estate agents can get their CE via InterNACHI members, the work InterNACHI has done regarding Wind Mitigation, etc. It’s just a great place to be an InterNACHI member.