InterNACHI membership strength map updated.

Yellow dots show an InterNACHI presence, orange show a strong InterNACHI presence, and red dots show a highly concentrated InterNACHI presence.

very nice

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I would like to think…(at least this is what I am going to tell myself) that I and NIBI had something to do with the 30-35 member jump in NJ over the last year or year and a half.:wink:

You and NIBI get the credit on that one, for sure.

Hay, lets move to Florida!
Looks like they need some help down there!

Are you accusing Nick of lying?

Did he take lessons from you?

That’s what I get from his comment also…he is to easy…:stuck_out_tongue:


Good stuff. Thank goodness for Ben and his team for all the Incredible Educational tools he provides.
Thumbs up to Ben !!!


We still have staffers and vendors in that count, so I think we’re close to 10K. Time to raise prices on new applicants again. At least until I can build a system that allows retiring members to auction their seats off.

:roll: :roll::frowning:

Curious why FLA is so much larger then any other state?‎

And still growing

Many reasons:

It’s not a bad place to be a home inspector:

  • lots of real estate transactions
  • mostly 1-story homes
  • few basements
  • not many fossil-fuel heating systems
  • InterNACHI-friendly licensing
  • no snow or ice
  • and it’s a big state.

On top of that:

Also, we’ve done a lot of work to encourage Citizens insurance agents to seek out InterNACHI members for 4-point inspections.

Also, we not only got our mold courses approved, but for good measure, we passed a law that exempts home inspectors from needing a mold assessors license at all.

Also, InterNACHI does a lot regarding roofing inspections and that is of interest to FL inspectors because the roofs go bad sooner in the heat.

Also, the Northwest Florida Home Inspectors Association merged with us.

Also, InterNACHI hosts many events in Florida and InterNACHI members have booths at many events in Florida. These are some upcoming events:

We also have a lot of InterNACHI members who are Certified Master Inspectors in Florida.

But they are trying to compete with Texas with that licencing stuff…

Texas licensing is a bit over the top. But it’s useful in shutting up those who claim that more difficult pre-licensing requirements lead to inspectors being able to charge higher fees.