Ny sop

Are ther any SOPs required by the state of new york. I tried researching online and the DOS web site sucks, and the nyahi site is nothing to be proud of. I am trying to help some one who got taken big time by a home inspector there. I would assume they are doing the same as the rest of us, right?

I don’t think there is a required SOP listed. Joe Farsetta would know for sure. I would think you would want to look at the guys report and PIA and see what SOP he adheres to. If he works with one in particular, he should list it.

Although written for the past 2 years now, I do not believe that NY has officially adopted its Inspection SOP.

I believe it is still under review. Check to see if the inspector is a member of an association. He should be following that sop.

Found this if it applies to the original question.

http://nyshomeinspectorstandards.com/ :slight_smile:

The original SOP submitted by a sub-committee of the advisory council 2 years ago was in conflict with the COE submitted by another sub-committee of the advisory council. They both went back for review. As with many governmental actions - its’ still in committee.
Until such time that the advisory council submits new material for both documents and it is approved by legal counsel, the NYS Dept of Licensing Services wants us (approved training schools) to use for Module 4, Section A (The Law), as instructional guidelines, the SOP & COE of recognized major home inspectors trade organizations.

At ASKUS Consulting Home Inspector Training School my curriculum exclusively uses the COE and SOP of InterNACHI. At some time in the future, there will be an “Official” NYS SOP & COE which will then need to be used in the curriculum.

As an aside -
I have heard that some individuals located in bordering areas (IE: Mass, CT, NJ) have encountered difficulty attaining reciprocal licensing because those bordering states “have trouble” granting reciprocity because NY does not have its own SOP & COE.

Tom Valosin