NY State Dept of State

I invited some people from the Dept of State to come to our Albany, NY Chapter meeting in August. The Deputy Secty of State and two other people from the licensing Dept. will be attending our August 9th Chapter meeting. The discussion we were going to have was about Continuing Education… but with 3 of their people there this might be a good chance for any NY Inspector to come and ask about any issue they have…

If this meeting is of interest to any inspector in NY State, please let us know so we can make arrangements for a larger room… Right now we only handle about 25 people… If anyone would like to come that normally does not come to our Albany Chapter meetings… send me an email so we can get a head count for that meeting… It will be on August 9th at 6:00 PM.

If anyone cannot make the meeting but has a specific question please email me the question and we will ask for you… and then post the answer on the board the next day…

Dan Osborn
Upstate Home Inspection Service
House Facks Inc.

Nice job Dan!!!

Dan, thank’s for the post. This is a great way for any of us NYS inspectors to possibly get some questions answered and possible insite on whats next with the licensing law. Jim…


Count me in.

Dan, YOU ARE THE MAN! Thanks for this and all the other things you (and your boss, Patti) do for the local chapter. I will certainly be there.


Congratulations on having multiple NYS, DOS reps at your next meeting. The main question NYS Home Inspectors are concerned about is the c/e regs. It will not be an issue for a minimum of 16 months since no one received their license before 1-1-06, which would mean that inspectors who met the regs at the onset of licensing will not need ce until they renew as of 1-1-08.

I am getting 2-3 calls per day about it. I explain that it is still up in the air and I refer them to the 518-474-4429 number at the Dept. of State… Thank you for keeping NACHI members in NYS up to date. The question I would request that be asked is how many hours, and when will the ce regs be implemented?

If you need any give-aways, let me know. Have a great meeting. Thanks again.


Patsy and me will be coming up for this meeting. Nice job

Tom Fisher

So far there are no licensure/certification requirements for MN. I live in a border city with Grand Forks, ND in Northwestern MN. I will soon be registered in ND as I am a new member of NACHI. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the insight from the NACHI Message Board. Thanks alot - :smiley: