Free New York Real Estate Agent Free CE Marketing Cards.

Cant beat that. Ty

Agents are eating our courses up. Agents can’t beat the convenience of fulfilling their required courses to keep their real estate license online, in their pajamas. No credit card required - free forever.

We’re developing inspection-related courses for lawyer CE as well.

Ah the great State Of New York! So I have to go to an approved training site and pay for my continuing education. I’m not able to apply the continuing education that I could receive here, which is included in my membership fee. But my state is good with REA’s using this service and they don’t have to pay. Essentially I pay for them with my membership dues.Doesn’t seem like a fair deal!

Any chance that NACHI will be convincing NY to allow continuing education credits obtained through NACHI to be applied to my licensing requirements? That would be a great benefit to me, as well Im sure to all the other New York members.

Ok, that’s enough of the ranting. This seems like it could be a good marketing idea, I’m going to look into how it works.

Home Inspection is the only profession that NY licenses that hasn’t been approved for online CE by NY. I’ve spoken with the A.G. office in NY and they tell me the same thing every year: If there was demand for approval of online CE in NY, home inspectors would be calling their office screaming, and none do.

Up to you at this point.

Thanks Nick. So it runs through the Attorney Generals office? If we (NYS members) have your backing and they are telling you that its because we haven’t requested it, I guess it’s up to us to request.

Any other NY members want to see this changed?

You simply have to call and complain enough. Every other licensed profession in NY is allowed to fulfill their CE online.

Could you organize an online petition that NY INACHI members could endorse and present that as part of your request to the AG’s office. A few people calling might not make a difference, but the largest HI association in the world
(I believe) making the request with a petition from it’s membership may. I would find it hard to believe that every NY member wouldn’t endorse such an effort.

Sounds like a great Idea!

No. That won’t help and it might even hurt if it appeared to be contrived. Over the years, NY has been very consistent in what they want to see. The complaints have to come from inspectors in New York.

Is there someone specifically to speak to at the AG office? What is best to do/say?