NYS Continuing Ed Regs...almost ready

It appears that starting next year, they will enforce between 20-28 hours, which will be finalized in writing shortly- Those who initially entered the field will benefit from a reduced # of hours. No one is definite on the actual # of hours, since 12 was proposed, and as little as 1 to 3 was discussed by the board.

To that end, once the state gives us an official notification, I will post THEIR letter on this message thread for all New Yorkers to read.

It also appears that the state will NOT be accepting distance learning. We will see what transpires shortly! I believe that we will have the applications in hand, (again my opinion) within the next 2-3 weeks.

More to follow as the news is submitted to schools!

The State of New York is now accepting CE Courses for Home Inspectors. Our school has already submitted 7 courses for approval and they confirmed receipt of same.

Once we have approved courses, we will post them here and NY NACHI Members will recive discounts!