NYS Continued Ed Credits

How many credits per yr for NYS Continued Ed? Can I use them to fullfill the requirements for NACHI?


Yes, once the State is 'Up and Running" on their CE requirements, there is no reason they could not also be used to meet the NACHI requirements. The reverse may not apply unless the instructor, subject matter, venue have been vetted by the NYS DOS, Division of Licensing.
The number of Credits per 2 year Licensing term is 24. The DOL is making an allowance for those who got their license in the first group, back in the end of Decenber of 2005 and January 2006. This is because the State has not yet gone fully into the authorization of CE instructors, schools, curricula. This process is just getting underway now and the DOL realizes there would not be enough time before the first licenses are due for renewal at the end of December of 2007. Most inspectors in this group will need 6 hours of State Approved CE.

Tom Valosin
ASKUS Consulting Services
President, NY Capital Region Chapter of NACHI
NY State Approved HI Education Instructor

Thanks for your information, I was looking for the combo for both NACHI + NYS credit course, guess it’s tough to fulfill them. :frowning: </IMG>

NYS Has approved continuing Education for Home Inspectors. Those whose License expires in 2008- the requirement for this renewal period, before you renew is 6 hour of approved ceu credit, approved by NYS.

effective 2009, the requirement is 24 hour every 2 years. That means anyone who received their license between 2005 and 2006, must take 6 hours of approved ceu credit, NYS approved before you renew. Thereafter, the next renewal will require proof of 24 hours of NYS Courses.

Nick will be speaking at one which will be happening on Long Island next month, if interested.

Home Inspection Continuing Education Courses in NYS
NYS , DOS. Approved Courses in NYS. All Courses approved by NACHI
N.Y.S., Dept of State, Approved H.I. Continuing Education Courses in NY State

**$$ SPECIAL:**Both JUNE 29TH courses are approved by NYS. Sign Up for Both Courses and pay only $ 99.00 Complete for both Courses (Early Bird Discount for first 30 students)

MOLD, MOISTURE AND THE RESIDENTIAL HOME………….4 HRS ( 69) JUNE 29, 2007 8-12 noon (Approved BY NYS For 4 HOURS HOME INSPECTOR CE CREDIT) We will discuss issues concerning Mold for Residential Homes in NYS- A Great Course to attend! THE BETTER MOUSETRAP- Explaining it like a Pro……….2 HRS ( 49)
JUNE 29, 2007 1-3 pm (Approved BY NYS For 2 HOURS HOMR INSPECTOR CE CREDIT)
The Better Mouse Trap explains how to discuss the Home Inspection with your client. We will focus on important issues.

Student Name_________________________________________ LIc. #____________________________
Telephone ______________________________ Fax Number___________________________________
Date(s) and Course(s)_______________________________________________________ (Circle Above)
Total Fee: $__________ Payment Method: ] check ] VISA/Mastercard 3 Digit Code________
Card #____________________________________________________ Expiration Date_______________
Once registered there are no refunds permitted once approved by NYS. There is limited seating for each program. There is mandatory attendance required for each class. Each student must be on time. Each student will receive a completion certificate at the conclusion of each seminar and their name and license # will be presented to the State as required by the NYS, Dept. of State. We also retain records at the school as mandated by NYS. Handouts, materials and/or manuals are included in each seminar. There is no exam for any of the above programs. The above seminars may be endorsed or approved by a variety of National Organizations. Each course specialty will determine the affiliation or endorsement. Our Environmental Courses are IAC2 Approved. Our Inspection Courses are recognized for NACHI CEU Credit. Signed________________________________________________________ Dated___________________

Make Checks Payable to: Appraisal Education Network School
PHONE: 631-563-7720 FAX: 631-563-7719

Nick Gromicko, NACHI Founder will host an informal presentation at 3:00pm after the courses are completed. Those in attendance will be invited to meet with Nick and discus Marketing Issues to benefit the Home Inspector in NYS- A must for Inspectors!

And The State Is Definitely Up And Running- We Are Offering A Discount For Nachi Members- See The Above Posting- Nick Will Also Be Present After The Seminars To Discuss Marketing Strategies In An Informal Gathering.

The Discount Is For Nachi Members- The First 30 To Sign Up Receive The Discount- We Are Limited To 50 Students For The Day So Sign Up Early!

We are extending the discount exclusively to NACHI Members who need the CEU Credit- Call us or send back the above registration form.

Hope this helps. All who complete the program will receive NYS and NACHI credit!

Have a great day!



Will there be, or can there be, provisions in the future to complete these courses in the evening or at night?


We will be offering varied courses throughout the year. The friday class is from 8am to 12 noon and the 2nd is 1pm to 3pm- followed by a presentation by Nick Gromicko at the school

We are hosting the classes for $ 99 totsal, and all who attend will receive certificates the day of the event and the State will receive notification of all those who have successfully attended the programs-

Have a great day- Hope this helps and we hope to see you on Friday- June 29th, 2007= Questions? Call me at 631-563-7720

We now have 10 approved NYS Continuing Ed courses for Home Inspectors. More than any other school in NYS, I am told and these courses are all NACHI approved, I am proud to say!

Hope to see you at the NYS Home Inspector CEU Conference in JUne with Nick Gromicko