Offering a Re-Inspection

I cannot recall what I was reading (or watching) the other day but I came across someone that was offering a re-inspection for free. I have never offered a re-inspection service but wanted to get others opinion on this. I found this article - “Who Verifies Repairs After The Home Inspection?” and here is the link.

and I found this guys perspective on reinspections…

So after reading these I have mixed emotions on performing a re-inspection. To date I have not had a prior client call me back asking me to perform one but started wondering is it would be a nice “added service” ? Thanks

I don’t “offer” re-inspections.
Actually, I hate them! [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Big chance the crap will hit the fan.
Very seldom I’m asked to return due to most RE deals down here are as-is, so no repairs are performed.

The only ones I’m asked to go back to are for insurance inspections where my client cannot get insurance in the current state.
Then I wanna see permits, licensed contractor’s papers, etc. so I am not condoning unlicensed/illegal repairs.

Was there an inoperative GFCI? Easy enough.
What can I say about a roof repair? I didn’t see it done.
All I can say is “repairs observed”.

I occasionally do it, but I typically recommend that repairs be done by licensed contractors, tell clients to ask for receipts.

If requested I will perform a reinspection for an additional charge.
I do not offer them as a matter of course as they are a pain in the arse…

Absolutely!!! I have performed re-inspections for my clients for over 15 years and I have never (knock on wood) had a complaint (from the client) as a result of it. 9 times out of 10 they have not completed all of the repairs on the addendum. Remember that most of the problems that are going to be repaired are the “Warranted Items”. You should be able to see and determine if they repaired or replaced loose toilets, double-tapped breakers, leaking pipes, etc… Now I understand that structural concerns can be difficult since we are not engineers, but use common sense.
All you are reporting on is if the repairs have been completed by documentation and pictures. Major problems are going to fall on the professionals. It’s an easy $100-$200 and these inspections and they take about 30 minutes of your time. I usually schedule them for the end of the day.
Here are a couple pictures of some improper structural repairs that were completed by an “Engineer”. Even he could not argue that this was a crappy repair and had to go back to repair it properly.
$300 for the home inspection + $200 in reinspections = $500 in 3 hrs of work. Not to mention, a happy client that is going to refer me to all of their friends and coworkers.



I offer a (free) pre-closing walk-through as part of my standard inspection. Very few clients take me up on it (about 8 - 9 %) and I use this if the cleint wants repairs verified. I also write in the report that a) all repairs be done by licensed, insured tradesmen and b) that copies of the invoices (with the contractors license number) be obtained.

There have bee a few times where the work wasn’'t done or done wrong, in which case I recommend that the closing be put off untill the work is done correctly and verified. Needless to say, this has caused me to PO a few builders and sellers, but what the heck. I am there to represent and protect my client’s interests.

Hope this helps;

I charge just $50. for reinspections and do so in about 10-15% of my inspections. Often I don’t even charge them the $50 but don’t want to offer it as free because i would get abused on it. Usually a reinspection takes about 10 minutes

Thanks everyone for your feedback most helpful !!!