Ohio and Kentucky Home Inspection News.

Ohio and Kentucky Home Inspection News

  1. Boost your inspection business by coming to a free home inspection success seminar and dinner (dinner is also free) in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday, August 12, 2016 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. This free event is guaranteed to increase your home inspection company’s revenue. Dress casual as our meetings are informal and fun. Bring your spouse, partner, or friend. This free home inspection event and free dinner is being held at the Cincinnati Airport Marriot, 2395 Progress Drive, Hebron, Kentucky 41048. Register at: www.nachi.org/events

  2. InterNACHI sued the sued the Commonwealth of Kentucky for creating burdensome regulations regarding radon testing by home inspectors. The regulation requires that home inspectors carry $500,000 worth of E&O insurance and a $10,000 bond. The judge in the case granted our request for restraining order relieving InterNACHI members from these burdens. The order does not protect inspectors who are members of other inspection associations. Many thanks to InterNACHI member Michael Green for his help in protecting InterNACHI members.

3 InterNACHI’s free, online Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course is approved by the Ohio Department of Health, Kentucky Radon Certification Program, InterNACHI, MICB, IAC2, ICC, NRPP, and AARST. It is free at: www.nachi.org/education

  1. The Columbus Board of REALTORS requires that inspectors be members in good standing of a national inspection association such as InterNACHI. More information at: www.nachi.org/ohio

  2. The City of Toledo includes InterNACHI as a certifying agency for home inspectors. Toledo will accept the certification of professional home inspectors as identified in the Standards and Practices of InterNACHI. For more information visit: www.nachi.org/ohio

  3. The Ohio Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI as a course provide for real estate agents. You can give real estate agents in your local market free access to the courses they need to keep their real estate licenses. The courses are free. More information at: www.nachi.org/ohio

  4. The Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors approved InterNACHI’s free, online home inspection courses. For more information visit: www.nachi.org/kentucky

  5. Attend our 2-day Infrared Training class in Cincinnati on August 12-13, 2016.  More information at www.nachi.org/events
  6.  Close to Pittsburgh?  Attend our Home Inspection Success seminar on August 11th. It is free and dinner is provided for free. Visit:  www.nachi.org/events

Oh, and we have e 2-day IR class in Cincinnati on August 13-14.