Ohio Inspector Lic. Requirement Bill

The question I have if you encourage a bill to require home inspectors to be licensed. Then in my opinion it should also include in that law that no real estate transaction be allowed to close without a Lic. Home inspector signing off on the inspection report.

If it is mandatory for the home inspector it seems to me , it would only be fair to force a home inspection on any real estate transaction.
without the mandate for the inspection to close clause this will only harm the inspection industries good and competant inspectors, and open up the markett
to fraudulent individuals who are at a lower level of competance.
and then who will fund the enforcement of these laws , with the individual states budgetts at an all time low, it seems strange to me they would have the funds to cause this law to assist in the growth of good and reputable professional inspection firms , and cause many to go out of business that should not have to give up thier private practice.

I have been involved in the commercial trucking industry as well and this is what they done to that industry and now they have a severe shortage of good and safe drivers and I fear this will happen to our great industry.


In Illinois it is a requirement to be licensed. The advantage is that only a licensed inspector’s report can get a potential buyer legally out of a real estate contract without trouble.

Although hard to enforce all the time, unlicensed inspectors run the risk of being fined a lot of money if caught. I think that’s an advantage here. I would think an RE agent might turn them in if he/she does not like report results. Risky for unlicensed.
From what I hear, unlicensed inspectors here mainly are used by investors to find out condition of property(eyes and ears) they are considering to buy to flip or rent. They pay as cost of doing business, probably cheaper than licensed.

Where are you getting your information? Or are you just displaying your “wish list” concerning Inspector licensing in Ohio?

There has been nothing happening in Ohio on that front since 2009 & to the best of my knowledge there is nothing currently happening.

Do you know of something different?



Mark, please reply to my questions above.


sounds like He might be on the road Kevin…

If you are for mandatory licensing you are a f-ucking idiot.

Read how much we who have it like it.

Whey in the hell do you wish to be told to how to run your business. if you have any questions call me I will not type the same ole s h i t for the hundredth time.


If you mandate home inspections on every real estate transactions there will be less inspections per home inspector. The number of inspections would increase by 10% and the number of inspectors would increase by 300%.

When driver’s licenses where issued many years ago, lawmakers then thought that it would help educate drivers about how to drive.

Mandate home inspections, and home inspector licensing, then everyone will get in on the action. It sets a bare minimum standard.

Getting a driver’s license means that you are a good driver, right?

Nick, can you explain your comment? I think I understand what you said, but not sure.

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