Ohio - NEC

**16 June Ohio
**[size=2]After a long and protracted debate in Ohio the Ohio Board of Building Standards (OBBS) voted to approve rules to revert back, or that is, extend Governor Ted Strickland’s emergency order to adopt the 2005 National Electrical Code® for all 1, 2, & 3 family dwellings instead of the 2008 edition of the NEC, which had been previously adopted by the OBBS. More…[/size]


Because the Governor of OHIO is an idiot. 2008 NEC is a safer and better layed out NEC. The 2008 Clears up alot of language and makes it easier for the electrician to understand…if they are simply concerned about small aspects of the 2008 NEC they can address those on local levels…but to make the move the Governor did in regards to an emergency order was total ignorance.