Ohms Chart Question

I made myself a chart to refer to, just throwing it out there for one of you to look over and say, I am understanding the process correctly or not.

Please explain to us exactly why a home inspector would have need for such a chart?

Plenty available with simple Internet search.

Yes please!

What are you trying to get at with your Resistance question at the bottom?

I can imagine no situation where a home inspector would need “your” chart

I am wondering the same thing!

Next thing would be a chart to calculate snow load?


Conceptually, this is what you need to understand.

From a practical perspective as a home inspector, you generally don’t need to go too much past being able to convert amps at a given voltage to watts or kW to check breaker & conductor sizing for electrical resistance appliances such as electric water heaters and ovens.

While all knowledge is valuable, you don’t have a practical need for that chart in your day to day professional life as a home inspector.


Great depiction.
That chart shows up in our internachi training courses, i tend to file clippings and notations for future references . Is it needed during a home inspection? good question. So i saved it when i saw it, and added some notes to help me remember in case i ever did need it.

There’s an app for that…