Oil Tank Repair ?

Inspected a oil tank and I didn’t see signs of any current leaking. What I did see when I looked underneath however were 3 spots in the rust that looked liked metal bubblegum wadded and stuck to the bottom. Is this a sign of repair?

I would mention it , are oil stains on the floor i see? tank should be reviewed

In Canada I think this tank is to old to be used and would be condemned .

An oil leak can cost here up too $100,000.00 or more to clean up .
I would make sure to write this as needing immediate replacement and to make sure there has been no contamination .

I am definitely gonna mention. I just couldn’t answer the clients question if this was a previous repair. The tank and rust (lol) were still smooth until these wads of whatever so I wanted to ask.

Time to replace that take BEFORE it leaks.

They are a mess to clean up afterwards but easy before a leak.

Without being there i can not see for sure , droplets noted though i would say it is time to replace as others said . very soon indeed.did you scrap it with your finger nail or anything


Water settles to the bottom of the oil and rusts the tank from the inside out, is what I understand and have experienced.

I cut one in half to dispose of it and it was nearly rusted through in many spots that didn’t show well from the outside.

I ran my hand along the bottom. No nail scraping.

That white stuff looks like spider nests or the pics are out of focus :slight_smile: agree with everyone elsere the state of tank.

Metal bubble gum makes think JB Weld