oil tank

can anyone explain this oil tank. Is it suppose to be out in the open

DSCF0034 (Small).JPG

It stores and supplies oil to the furnace.

Earl, I do not want to write anything that would keep you from posting and asking questions, because that is what this board is great for.

The tank in the picture does not look to be that old. Did you inspect the furnace at this home and how did you report on it? Did you follow the line from the tank to the furnace?

I would recommend taking some classes or do some reading on oil-burner type furnaces. These units are different than your normal forced air furnace.

I hope this helps, and I hope you understand this post is supposed to be positive.

Hey, whats up, why ya asking ? Is there something else about this house that we can’t see ?


Oh it’s old, the tank just has a fresh coat of paint. Earl, have you taken any inspection classes?

Earl, what are those 3 wires in photo ??

Oil-burning furnaces?

No wonder why the price of gas is so high. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

those wire look like cable coax or satalite (unit to right has a dish). and the sending unit (where supply and return acces tank) appears to have some welding done on it after it was painted. or just concentrated currosion. hard to tell from just one pick.

3 wires for a dish ??

Here’s how an “oil” tank should be installed. Otherwise there will be problems.

Figure 1: Typical Outside Tank Installation

  1. Stable base (ex. poured concrete slab or reinforced patio stones).
  2. Manufacturer’s label, with UL standard or code.
  3. Horizontal loop (sloped down) in oil feed line to allow minor tank movement.
    *]Install a guard to protect oil feed line.

The reason I ask is this is the first oil burning furnace I’ve seen.

Yes the wires are coming from a sat. dish

Ok maybe I post my question in the wrong way

I generally recommend containment and weatherproof covering when tanks are found in an exterior enviroinment.


Joe Hagerty–Now I like that tank-box or whatever it is.

Around here the tanks have an insulated structure of plyboard
built around them. Some are a real bear to service.

I have 8 for my Direct TV. . .

sure, a dish can have multiple recieving processors on one dish, add another dish next to it, triple your availble sat. signal and channels too. you’ll likely have multiples of the same station, but some find it worth it to get that one other channel the first sat. does not have.

Up here in Ontario Insurance Companies will not write a house policy if the tank is older than 15-20 years. They will want a new tank.

This tank definetly looks older than 15 years. I also don’t like the feed line coming from the top of the tank. Condensation will form in the bottom of the tank. All new tanks now have bottom feed lines and the tank should slope toward the valve at the bottom of the tank to keep water from rusting out bottom of tank.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Tyrone, where did you get the illustration from ???


I was an oil tank inspector for the insurance underwritters in Ontario, it was a part of my training manual.