Ok I joists

From this picture i was sent do you think squash blocks should be installed ? i do not know the width of the joist yet , I am not happy with the post either.

lol i guess you need the picture

Are there point loads or a wall above the beam?

What do the engineer drawing notes indicate?


[FONT=Times New Roman]Depends what is above…[/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman]Squash blocks are for point loads above and solid blocking is for a support wall above, usually.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman]They should check drawing requirements from the pre-engineered joists manufacturer’s.[/FONT]

Posts are not permanent and it appears to me that the work is not completed as intended… with a span of over 33’0 (25 units @ 16") blocking is not so much the issue as are permanent supports for the girder beams beneath the joists. Looks like walls or additional structure was intended to go in.
Never have been a fan of I joists as they tend to squeak and move under live loads no matter what you do. Metal X bracing might also have been a good option however it’s a little late as floor sheathing in already in place. Braces are nailed over and under in typical installs… floor sheathing should be glued and screwed for further stiffening.

I have to go Friday the buyer is freaking out . I have done it yet

Hey dude don’t be calling them Ok joist they are in Tenn they are Tenn Joist:p

When will they pour the slab?

Nah not a normal joist here Charlie no fungus on them . i feel something is really wrong with that;-)

no slab house was built in 2005