OK - I need a Preston's Guide

Does anyone have an extra Preston’s Guide that they would be willing to sell? I have unsuccessfully tried for several days to get in in touch with the folks at Prestons. Recorded messages only. Please let me know. I need the book!.



You should be able to get one thru other vendors. You don’t have to get it thru Prestons. Try AHIT.com or other vendors who supply HI supplies.

Good Luck

Charlie, I googled it. This is the 1st one that came up.

I’m sure there are others.


Hi to all,

Last time I taught for inspection depot they had many in stock, here is the link to it:




Make sure you get CDW’s Technical Reference Guide in addition to Prestons.

About Homes INF-0072

I’m not sure, but I do believe I saw one on Amazon, try a search there