Preston Guide 2005

I need to get a Preston’s Guide but don’t see that the Nachi Store sells this. I was hoping to get a discount by being a member of Nachi like the Ashi members get if they order the book through Ashi. Does anyone know if Nachi sells these or if they have any agreement with Preston’s for a discount to Nachi Members?

I don’t know, but I need one as well & was hoping for a NACHI discount. I can’t find them anywhere…but their official site.
But ASHI members get a discount? Hmmm…

I seen Preston’s website also, Yes Ashi Members get a discount of 15%. All others pay $95.00 for the book.

Why not ask those who have one how well they like it and if there is anything better

Roy Cooke

Because I really was not looking for opinions on the book, I just wanted to know if anyone knows if Nachi has a connection to get a discount on the Preston book. But OK Roy, If you think I should ask that, then does anyone know of a better book than Preston’s guide?and while your at it does anyone where I can get the Prestons book? (8\)

My favorite is Carson Dunlop’s Technical Reference Guide. Much better than Prestons.

I’ve never found a copy at ebay or any of the bookstores, so apparently those who buy it tend to keep it. Even as bad as the book is, in my opinion, I still keep mine. It’s just another reference source, and about 1% of the time it does provide something useful.

The Technical Reference Guide also is less expensive than Prestons, so you win twice–a better guide at a lower price.

Thank You for answering my question’s RR. I am going to check on the Carson Dunlop Book as you suggest.

Technical Reference Guide

Thanks RR, I took your advise and just ordered the book.