Old Main service box as junction

Hello All, I had a home I inspected that was remodeled some time ago. The original 60 amp main service panel was gutted, however there were 12 circuits that were wire nutted together inside the box and the box door was not sealed (screwed shut). To add to it, the box was in what is now a bedroom (this is in addition to many numerous electrical problems). Two Questions: First, would the box be ok if it were sealed and and made inaccessible, making it a “junction box” or switch box? or does it need to be removed altogether because of the bedroom?. I can not find a clear NEC on this matter nor a specific code. Any help would be appreciated. By the way the owner is a licensed Residential Electrician.

Seal the box shut, and it is compliant. It is now a junction box, not a switch box.

There is no prohibition about being in a bedroom.

The box must remain accessible. It cannot be closed off behind the building finish. I don’t see much difference between a hinged cover on the box vs removing a screwed on cover. If the wires are properly terminated there should be no additional danger. Perhaps just a sticker on the door advising that this is not the panel and contains splices only.