panel enclosures being used as junction boxes

When a panel enclosure is used for a junction box is the enclosure required to be sealed properly. Many times I see a screw inserted at the openable part of the cover and many times there is none and the cover is open. I would think it would be the same requirment for a junction box but just thought I would ask.

I noted the knob & tube, open knock outs and was just asking about the enclosure/covers.

The cabinet cover should be sufficient to close the box. They do manufacture listed boxes with hinged covers.

Would these pictured boxes be acceptable for this application?

The boxes with covers are fine, as long as they snap shut. If the cover does not latch, it’s no good.

The panel on the right (in your second picture) should be sealed. The openings in the cover are no good.

Panel in photo 1 has an open knockout.

Hi David-

We do see alot of these in our area- especially in those sub-panels located in the basement stairways- 1940’s 50’s bungalows and ranches in Parma, Seven Hills etc. Most AHJ’s accept this practice, though it must be said that is indeed a modification of a listed enclosure. So, a closed minded AHJ might balk. I’ve seen a good number of them with the door screwed shut with a single sheet metal screw with the tip blunted. I think if I would have come across it when I was in code enforcement, I would have asked that the old furnace disconnect be yanked and the conductors incorporated into the larger box.