old round meter socket- 100 amp everything

Can anyone help me out, everything indicates 100 amp from mast down too panel except this older meter socket. I am trying to make a good write up to save for my report template.


Looks like a 60A Meter to me based on a glance, but can you determine the age of the dwelling which will help…Weakest Link Theory Applies

However, there were some made for 100A that were round and simply used by POCO as 60A which can be slightly misleading to someone who can’t see the markings (labels)…so it is more about the markings. Since you are not able to the markings you have to do a process.

What does the panel inside say, What are the sizes of the conductors, What size is the OCPD it is terminated into…due to the fact we do know that many round 100A meter sockets did exist…might have to throw that one out and go with a process of elimination.

At the end of the day…it is not a guess if you have enough values that conclude the obvious. This is not a case of reasonable doubt…