30 Amp Meter??

Yesterday I came across an Electrical Meter, on a 1913 house, with 30 Amp written on it. Previously I had only known of meters going down to 60 amp. Anyone else ever seen this before? Does this in fact mean that the service is 30 amp?

Someone had actually installed a 100 amp service panel in the house. Of course, I’ve recommended further evaluation and upgrade.


The 30 amp meter “rating” is a calibration rating. It has nothing to do with the service capacity.

Do you have a wider angle on that picture? That meter base looks round which would be more of a determining factor with regard to service capacity.

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Ditto what Jeff said, It does look like a round meter base, it could even be a 30 amp meter I have seen some collectable ones as small as that.



Here’s a wider angle picture of the meter. I would say that the base is roughly square. Is it a 100 amp service then, afterall?


I would say , yes.

I find these types of meters on 100+ amp service equipment quite regularly.



Thanks Jeff and Gerry. Much appreciated.

OK guys, I think I have posted a question like this on the old board and it got a lot of flack but here it goes again…

As a general rule of thumb (not carved in stone):

  • Round meter box - Up to 60 amp service rating through meter
  • Square meter box - Up to 100 amp service rating through meter
  • Rectangular meter box - greater than 100 amp service rating through meter
    This is at a glance, not to forget the rating of the wiring or other limiting factors.

Ex: if all wiring is of adequate size if I saw a round meter box and then went to the main breaker box and saw a 150 amp main breaker with nothing in between. I would suggest that this be reviewed by … for safety concerns due to the fact that the main may not trip before the meter would have problems… (I would use proper wording)

Correct/not correct

I had a similar situation this morning. Round Meter, Square Box, 100 amp service upgrade. #3 AWG copper service feeders to 100 amp main. Meter had me stumped.



Again, the meter rating means nothing - disregard it.

I actually have seen more than one existing 30 amp/120v service to a house. Yes, I said 30 amp & 120v. :shock:

A home inspection on such a house is not really required. It can be assumed the whole place has to be renovated. :mrgreen: