Older chimney liner

The exterior cap & liner looked good.

My question is where the furnace at water heater connect before they enter the chimney. Is there potential for the larger furnace flue to back draft thru the water heater flue?
Furnace was installed 15 years ago. I would imagine this is when the liner was installed.

Probably not the best idea to paint the flue piping.

108307 041 (Small).jpg

108307 039 (Small).jpg


The first picture is a problem, the hot water tank should vent above the furnace. Yes there is the potential for back drafting.]
Picture 2, if I am looking at it from the top of the chimney down, the vent connector extends too far into the chimney, and looks like its pointed down. Either way proper venting may be prevented.


The potential for back draft does exist also improper Tee we refer to that as a Bull headed Tee and in your pic it is backward

I agree on the backdrafting. The picture of the flue is the liner & it extends up the chimney & is capped at the exterior.