"Man, were in a tight spot"

Pic shows furnace and water heater flue entering chimney. Water heater flue is sort of jammed in the hole. What are your thoughts?

102506 141 (Small).jpg

102506 141 (Small).jpg

102506 141 (Small).jpg


The correct way for this install is a “thimble” and it should be adequately sealed at junction.I also think this install doesn’t have a liner,I would recommend one, along with CO detector.At the very least this should be sealed.


Also, the smaller (water heater) flue should be on top of the furnace flue.

I agree with the previous two posts. I’ve seen a lot of this type of set up but they usually enter in two different locations. I don’t recommend a liner be installed as it was OK when the older furnace was installed. I would mention to the client during the verbal review that when the older furnace will need replacing they will have to do the upgrades to bring it up to today’s code,eg. return/combustion air, liner in chimney etc. HOWEVER…if it is a newer furnace I would note it in the report as it’s now a requirement and recommend they check for permits for the whole installation. Likely wasn’t any if it’s not done right.

Thanks folks. I appreciate your thoughts and had written it up similarily.