Oldest practicing home inspector in North America retires. Please congratulate him

Byron Scott scottentr500@outlook.com|12:47 PM (0 minutes ago)||!

to Nick, fastreply@nachi.org

Hi NIck & Ben !

Byron Scott here, InterNACHI# 12061602

It is with great sadness that I write this email

But time has caught up with me now at 85 yrs. of age. I feel that I need to retire at this time.

Nick & Ben, I have enjoyed your help, your loyalty & your friendship as well as the many other people at InterNACHI Who have always been quick to reply & ready to help with intelligent answers.

I have enjoyed the educational lessons & other benefits InterNACHI has provided.

I have very much enjoyed the InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspection business.

I will certainly miss all of you, your fellowship, & the fellowship of the other members of InterNACHI & the forum.

It is with much sadness that I say goodbye to all you good people

Many thanks and with warm memories, I say goodbye.

Byron Scott


My hat is off to you for your inspecting career. Enjoy your retirement!

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What a great career! Best of Luck and Health in your retirement!

Congratulations Byron, hope you enjoy your time away from inspecting.

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Congratulations! You obviously loved your job. Best wishes and hope you enjoy your retirement!

Congratulations Byron !

You’re the best, Byron. Best wishes to you. And once an InterNACHI home inspector, always an inspector. :wink: Stay safe and healthy!


Good luck with your retirement Bryon happy days, now go find something that makes you happy in your retirement

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Congratulations Byron, enjoy your retirement!

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Congratulations Byron, for providing an awesome service keeping families safe! Wishing you many years of Happily Inspecting new adventures!

You sir are an inspiration. Congratulations! We wish you a happy, healthy, and long retirement!!

Thanks Ben ! I have Always Appreciated Your Friendship ! Your Quick Reply & Intelligent Answers to my Questions !

Byron Scott ! (bscott3)

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Congratulations on a successful career Byron! Enjoy retirement!

Thanks to All The Fellow Members for Their Kind Reply’s

Byron Scott, (bscott3))

Congratulations Byron! That is an impressive age to still be inspecting. Enjoy your retirement!

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Happy retirement Byron!

Congratulations, Byron, Enjoy, Stay Healthy, and keep Active. :grinning:


You’re an inspiration Byron. May God bless you in your retirement.

Wow, thanks for the decade you’ve been with InterNACHI, Byron! Enjoy retirement!


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Thanks Chris ! You have always been a Friend & a Source of Intelligent Answers !

Byron Scott, (bscott3)