one phase electrical panel?

please help me confirmed if this is right, don’t looks like!!

one phase panel?

never saw anything wired like that.

any help/teaching will be appreciated

Yes they are only using the “A” phase of the single phase system.

The feed is 1Ø, 120 volts via the back-fed 30 amp CB. The jumper provides power to the other bus. There are several problems with this installation.

can you name it please?

Here’s a few to start with.

X- The 30 amp back-fed breaker needs to be secured in place with an additional fastener.

X- The grounded conductors are improperly bonded to panel at the neutral bus bar.

You should also check the other end of that extra feeder conductor, it may be hot.

thank you for all the help!!

Needs an equipment ground conductor and that other phase (incoming feeder) needs to be properly terminated.

The EMT can be the EGC.

I would be rare to find a residential panel that was not single phase. What you have is just one leg being fed into the panel.