Please help ID this panel...

Could someone please help me understand what is going on. I haven’t seen anything like this before. The first picture is taken below the electric meter, you’ll notice 3 copper wires coming out of each phase of the service.
In the next photo you’ll see a panel (what I think they are calling the “main” panel). One of each phase of wire connects to the top of the buses, that part looks normal to me. The other two of each go into their own 200amp breaker (handle tied together) which appear to be connected to the same buses as the two wires connected at the top. Below the 200amp breakers are two 70 amp breakers feeding the “sub” panel which has all the wiring and breakers for the house. That portion looks fine to me. Those four wires and four breakers don’t seem to actually be doing anything at all and to me look as though they are in a loop of some sort.
The best guess i could come up with is that the panel is set up to give the house 200amp service, and would make it easier to eventually add another panel or possibly more breaks at this panel, but i still don’t understand the wiring.
Help please.

I can’t tell much from those pics. A better shot of that diagram on the label would help.

Does this help?

The top four breakers, with the single handle tie, are the main (200 amp) disconnect, which supplies the bus-bar (back-fed), and the lower, two pole breaker supplies a sub (remote) panel.

Common set-up for manufactured and some modular homes. . .

So what are the two wires that appear to be connected to the top of the bus feeding?

According to the label, that is a “sub-feed” circuit breaker. But I can’t tell for sure with the cover in place.