One Strong Slab

This home had some of the largest cracks and most signs of movement I have ever seen. Look at the different caulk lines. I asked the older lady whom has owned the home for 30 years if they have never had any foundation work done. None. She said her husband had filled the cracks a couple of times. Unbelievably the slab did not have one crack in it.

That would raise concerns for me.

When cracks transfer from slab, to wall and then to rafters/trusses, it’s usually a good indication of problems from external forces.

Isolated damage, such as you have pictured, may be indicating construction defects, which would likely be “hidden” within the walls.

Build a house of cards on a firm table, and the cards will fall, leaving the table intact.

Good analogy Jeff.

Just from the pictures, I would say that there is continous movement. 3 lines of caulk at the window.

There were many cracks around the entire home. The one pictured was the largest. Tile floors in the home were cracked, lots of stair stepping wall cracks. Doors & windows did not open & close correctly. I am sure a SE will have fun with this one. I was really amazed at the caulk lines.

That translates to a defect somewhere in the load path right?

Undoubtably in my mind, unless the carpeting is unveiled, there would be no indication of slab movement.
To have cracks as depicted in your pictures, some sort of lateral movement has occurred and something has moved drastically.

I am assumming there is no foundation and if it is a slab on grade and a foundation was installed, then most likely the slab was not supported by it and would explain the movement and no cracks in the slab.

Bottom line is, Something moved.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Seems like one for a follow up SE evaluation. Keep us posted on the outcome.