Cracks in brick veneer

At what point should I recommend structural evaluation? No cracks extended through the slab, at least not that I could see. But, there were four areas with concerning size cracks, two on each wall east and west. The one by the gas meter was the worst and extended from top to bottom.



Did you only look on the outside?

Foundation. interior window pics?

No I looked everywhere. There were no visible cracks in the perimeter of the slab, no major movement obvious in the attic, and the interior was all freshly painted due to being remodeled. So no other obvious signs were there.

It’s a judgement call. That’s one I would refer out to a PE.

I get “concerned” when open cracks go through multiple bricks in a row. I would also note the fresh remod. and paint job and defer it to either a PE or contractor. Did you happen to push the brick veneer to see if it moved?


Something is moving. I agree with the others it should be looked at by someone else.

But not you right Randy. LOL

Anyone gonna take a stab at guessing?

Need a broader and wider view of the area. Any other pics?:slight_smile:

I would love some photo of the foundation and Lintel first please.
Did you see bulging at the interception of the crack.
Did you look up the wall for plumb?
More photos please.

  1. Look at the sill. It was not made properly. It should bypass the opening by 4" minimum.

1b monolithic materal.
Concrete sill 4 inches high.

  1. The brick has been install incorrectly on the sill and for the lateral entrance. Wall protrusion.

It should be left with a 1/2 space.
That pipe should be warped with window dressing ( foam). The brick installed, then caulked with a good rubberised or silicon caulk. It would allow movement.
It the main near a busy street?
Movement can cause the piping entering the veneer to be live loaded. Those loads are SUSPECT.

I still need photos of the foundation and lintel to go further with a SUSPECT hypotheses please.
Sorry for the errors everyone. Bad month. Very ill.
2 doctors appointments. I must find out what is wrong.

I did refer it over so at least I got that covered. I did look down and up the walls, no obvious bulging. The house is not close to a real busy street, just a small neighborhood. I’ll post some more pics tomorrow. Thanks for all the input.

Get well Robert.

Thanks BOB.