one UGLY, UGLY log job

I’ve never seen one this ugly (I didn’t inspect it). No signs of moisture damage inside, so it keeps the water out, and it’s been there for 30 years. Logs are all similar diameter, just real bowed. Logs appear to be spiked. Call it out as ugly? Ever see anything like it?

Kenton, Looks like they mixed standard logs and metric logs. That always leaves a mess…

Looks like it was put together with absolutely green logs with no or poor fasteners. It is ugly!

I’m thinking probably better not call it out a ugly…that’s beautiful to someone.

The service entrance conductors are another thing…installation wise.

Looks like the foundation is bowed, may just be the pciture.

Hey, at least it HAS a foundation. Many I inspect were built on block or stone pillars, and the “foundation” is nothing more than the crawlspace boundary.

Larry, with that in mind… since it appears to be keeping moisture out and is apparently stable, I thought it might have been built this way on purpose.
I wouldn’t seriously call anything out as ugly; *beauty *and ugly are in the mind of the beholder.

**"…they mixed standard logs and metric logs. That always leaves a mess…" **
Stephen, I can’t believe that anyone would ever do such a thing.

I have an urge to plane the thing

It almost looks like it was built with a kit made up of “seconds” from the log home company. None of the milling is even close. More “banana-logs” than straight.

I’m guessing that somewhere in the MLS listing it states something on the lines of the home having “rustic character”. :wink:




I hope you know the owners of the home cause I’d be a little suspicious if i walked outside and saw you snapping pictures of my home if you weren’t inspecting it.

You know Scott, it’s when you walk in and start checking outlets and opening and closing doors and windows that they really get upset. :mrgreen:
I always knock and ask. I knocked at the door for the one below to photograph the thatch roof. That’s what you call a CHINKED log home. More chink than log

Wow. I wonder how many thatch roofers there are in the area? Lost art, I imagine.

It does look like a flashing over the window. Hard to find around here, sometimes.

This place was in Virginia, Linda. I’ve only seen one other thatch roof and that was in Ojai, CA. It’s probably burning right now.
I talked to the owner briefly. The thatch was imorted from England and I think the installer was British also. The owner said it was expensive.

Hi Linda,

I only know of one Thatcher here in the states and he is a fellow Brit, also there are probably less than 2-300 Thatchers back in Britain, several of them have worked here in the States. Thatching is still somewhat common as well in Southern Europe particularly Spain and Portugal.

Here’s the “Local”](



Kenton; I don’t inspect log cabins, but I do have to agree with you on this one.

This is one ugly looking makeshift cabin. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

The thatch houses on the web site are great. Thanks. :wink:

Paul’s right. It’s a style called “Rustic” and is common in certain areas. The problem with the logs shown in these photos is that wall logs which protrude past wall logs in the courses immediately above whould be beveled (sloped) using a drawknife or plane to drain water.