Online Agreements can now include your company logo

Hi folks -

I’ve just made an update to the Online Agreement system, based on member suggestions, allowing you to add your company logo to your inspection agreements. You’ll have to have your logo uploaded to our database at

If you need a logo, have our designers create one for you:

Create your own Online Agreements:

If anyone has any questions or trouble while using the system, let me know. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Tim, does the system have the ability to upload multiple logo’s and agreements? Example… I have one for Residential, and another for Commercial.

Hi -

It is tied to your member logo, so the answer is no - at least to use this new feature. However, there are several ways around this.

You can manually include any images, just like before. To do this you need to upload the alternate logo to somewhere (your website, or an image hosting service perhaps, like, then link it in the agreement with HTML. Something like this:

<img src=“” />

You can save it as a template so you only have to do it once.

Alternatively, you can call up Lisa Endza and have her set up an alternate membership for your other company, based on an employee or spouse’s name. A number of inspectors have done this when their services are split between two companies.

Thanks Tim.

Thanks Tim.

Thanks Tim.

On two new agreements I have the default location for the logo is at top, directly right of first few lines of text. Is this the same location on final copy?

Yes, that is how it will look. You can always go to and log in with your client’s email to check how it will appear.

If you use the code I gave above (about custom images), you can put it anywhere in your agreement instead.

OK… Thanks again.

My logo is already uploaded - is it automatically placed into the agreements? What do I need to do?

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OK so I have my logo uploaded, how do I add it to the agreements? I don’t see any options?


Hi -

You can add your logo when you’re creating or editing an agreement. There’s a checkbox right below the boxes for Client Name and Client Email.



I tried it and it works. Thanks.

Can you make it a default instead of a check box? I would like to have it on all of my agreements without having to click the box.

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Tim is the logo supossed to be off to the righ? any chance it can be on top centered?




Hi -

I’ve made it a default to be checked for new agreements.

As for other positions for the logo - we added it in a way to make it look best for a variety of different kinds of logos. If you want something to look a different way, then you could just upload your logo, save the URL for the image, and add it in manually (as I described above). To center it, you could add something like this:

<p style=“align:center;”><img src=“” width=“250” /></p>

You could even save it as your own custom template and add it to every new agreement easily.