Online Inspection Agreement Logo Tips.

Hi folks!

Here are a few tips about including your company logo in your inspection agreement, to answer some questions I’ve gotten recently.

  • To add your company logo, go to your member’s only dashboard, click “Manage Photos” near the top, and select “Change Company Logo”. Note that the logo is different from your ID photo, and only the logo is used in the agreement system.

  • If you’d like your logo to look different on the final agreement, you can use normal HTML to add your logo to your template. Just edit your default template, add an image tag with the formatting you need, and save it. When you create a new agreement, uncheck the logo box, since you’ve added the picture manually. This requires a bit of knowledge of HTML code, but nothing complicated if you’ve worked on your own website already.

I’ve added the link for changing your logo to the agreement system landing page. Learn more at:

Keep sending us any questions or suggestions! We’re working on several more features right now.

Thanks Tim!

That would be a nice tutorial.


Great idea! I’ll add this to my list of tutorial videos to produce.



I don’t know HTML, but I can copy and modify it to an extent.

A tutorial is a great idea. Marshall, drop me a line if you need help with the code or the script. We could show a basic way to add an image with HTML and then perhaps link to an HTML beginner’s site or two…

Many times the HTML includes a link for an image hosted on another site. That’s how I’ve been able to modify some existing html for my own use. So if you can make so that all we have to do is substitute the image link, that would eliminate the need for inspectors to learn code. Just a thought.