Online Course - Introduction to Thermography for Home Inspectors

Are you a home inspector interested in adding infrared thermography to your list of services? Do you already own an infrared camera and want to learn where and how it can be used for home inspections? Then this course is for you!

We start out with just enough “science” to get you into the groove, then its on to applications: why they work, how to do it, and case history examples. The course is divided into the following sections:

  • Thermography Basics
  • Moisture Investigations
  • HVAC Investigations
  • Insulation Investigations
  • Air Leakage Investigations
  • Electrical Investigations
  • Structural Investigations
  • Miscellaneous Investigations

Use this link to go to the course home page for more information.

A free 2 hour on-line course from ITC? Man, life is good. Thanks Gary. I will take you up on your generous offer this weekend.

Actually they have several free courses available from ITC I have been a regular :wink:
Thanks Gary!!!

Me too.
The more courses you take
The more you will want to

Thanks Gary