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We are offering NACHI members $230.00 off the licensing fee of $329.95 for single users or $529.95 for multi-users. Monthly service fees start at just $59.95 per month (less than Mocha a day).

We at the 24-7 Scheduler would like to respond to Mr. Bells and Mr. Kages remarks about our service.

To all NACHI members,

We know that the 24-7 Scheduler is a positive addition to your inspection business. Yes, it takes a little work to get your agents to use the system. It?s like having a new telephone number ? No one will call it if you don?t advertise it. To show how much we believe in our product and stand behind it we make you the following guarantee. Try the 24-7 Scheduler for three months. If you do not find our service useful notify us in writing and we will refund your money.

Mr. Kage,

Yes those mochas do add up to about $60.00 per month. That breaks down to the cost of one inspection every 4 or 5 months. If our system were to schedule you that one inspection that you would not have missed then our service would have paid for itself. We have tried to keep the cost of the service down for the inspection profession. Compare our prices against the cost of a cell phone, a secretary, or a telephone answering service and you will understand how reasonably priced we are.

Mr. Bell,

We are sorry that you had a negative experience with us. As with all business?s we at the 24-7 Scheduler understand that we can not please everybody (but we do try) and we also understand that our products are not for everybody. From our side it appears to have been a communication error on both sides. In order to make the 24-7 Scheduler hot on anyone?s website we require certain information that only the website owner can provide. Our records show that we made several attempts by telephone to you to get this information. Our telephone calls were unreturned and we did not pursue the issue any further. We have put several safe guards in place to help prevent this from happening again. If you care to give the 24-7 Scheduler program a fair and unprejudiced evaluation we invite you to do so by giving you 6 months of free service. At the end of those 6 months you can give the scheduling program and us an in-depth and honest evaluation. In the event that you do not wish to partake in our offer ? we will consider the matter between you and the 24-7 Scheduler closed.

Daryl Oie and DJ Piercy


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