Only 4 things to know

If we only had to know 4 things we could all be stars

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Good one John, thanks.

I shortened (fixed) your link.


What the hell was that? some zoosk or something dating commercial???

It never went to the bit

Watching now and it is something way different :slight_smile:

I just started learning a little guitar because my daughters teacher let me sit in on a few lessons so I could tell if she is practicing right.

I guess I need to learn a few chords instead of twinkle twinkle little star and hot cross buns :slight_smile:

Finally now no more labor for me. My daughters guitar & 4 chords and I’m good to go :slight_smile:

I see a old guy with a crappy little amp all the time at the oakwood plaza in hollywood playing for tips.

He seems to suck but my daughter does not know or care and always gives him a buck or 2 of her own money. I guess I am raising her right. Charitableness is a good trait to have. She has a huge heart and it makes me proud. She is almost 7 and donates her own money to folks all the time.It makes me feel like I am doing something right even though my luck has straight up sucked for 5 or 6 years now personally :frowning:

She is the reason i go on :slight_smile:

Just 4 chords and you to can be a star:p;-)

Look how far BTO went.
They only knew 3 chords.

They were just taking care of business.

That was great, thanks John.

Thanks, my pleasure . I hope everyone enjoys it. Something different every once in a while

My favorite comment is that it was faked .lol