Ontario Adopts a New Fuel Oil Code effective March 1, 2007


   The Ontario Technical Standards and  Safety Authority (TSSA) have developed a stand-alone document for Ontario entitled *Ontario Installation Code for  Oil-Burning Equipment – First Edition / 2006.*
    The major changes between the provincial  and national CSA B139 installation codes include:
  • Increasing its scope to include larger aboveground tank systems over a capacity of 2500L and all underground tank systems;
  • Replacement of the section on “Installation of Field installed Burners” with a new section specifically on field approvals;
  • Inclusion of requirements to address spills and leaks;
  • Removal of the requirements on “Central Oil Distribution Facilities”;
  • Vehicle protection for indoor tanks;
  • Allowance for alternative arrangements for venting of auxiliary tanks; and
  • Installation of fuel oil line deaerators.
    TSSA has adopted this new Ontario code. The CSA Ontario Installation Code for Oil-Burning Equipment is available from the Canadian Standards Association. Order inquiries should be directed to CSA at 1-800-463-6727, or shop online at www.shopCSA.ca.

Nalliah Thayabharan
Expert Building Inspections Ltd
Markham ON