Open 10" sewer pipe installed in basement wall

This photo is from a house in a small rural community. This 10" sewer pipe is installed through a basement wall at last 6 feet below grade. The potential buyer was at the inpection but did not know what it was for. It did not appear to ever had been attached to anything else in the basement. Any guesses?

Drader (47).JPG

Whats that small black pipe? Abandoned septic system?

Not enough information do anything but guess.

Well I had the right answer then.:smiley:

A talking tube to the barn? LOLOL. pipe looks like it has never been used.

Close! After making some phone calls it was determined that this pipe was installed between this house and the Church next door because the Church’s water pipes freeze when the temperature drops below zero F. (it does that here in ND) and they would run a garden house thru this pipe and (because) it was installed below grade and open at both ends the water would not freeze. Of course you are probably thinking “there had to be a better!” I’m just going to file it under the one-size-fits-all category of, “it seemed like a good idea at the time”.

You should post this “info” here, with photo.

Sounds so full of it and bizarre that it must be true.

i still like the talking tube .

My question on the story would be why the hose is not running directly through the tube?