Open Ground Narrative

Who has a good narrative for the tester showing an open ground? Care to share?
Thanks in advance!!!

Receptacles located at ******* not grounded properly. Have licensed electrician repair or replace.

I just KISS.


Thanks Jeff that is the route I took. I was just wishing I could find a more descriptive narrative explain, in better terms that I am able to come up with, why it’s wrong and the ramifications thereof.

Perhaps the following may help…

“One or more open ground, three-pronged electric receptacles were found. This is a safety hazard due to the risk of shock and damage to equipment requiring a ground. A qualified electrical contractor should make repairs as necessary. Note - Most modern appliances and power tools require grounding type receptacles. Grounded circuits and receptacles are recommended in locations where such appliances and equipment will be used.”

First question to ask is: Is this a 2 or 3 wire system. The wording is different when informing the client of the issue.

Like Jeff said kiss.

I agree…