Grounded outlet with not ground.

Quick and easy way of writing up grounded outlet with no ground wire in house.
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There are one or more 3-slot receptacles used at outlets in this home that when tested indicate an open ground. I see ungrounded 3-slot receptacles as a potential hazard, because there is nothing to prevent the average user from plugging an appliance or convenience item that must have a ground into the receptacle. This can result in a potential shock hazard and/or damage to items that must have grounds.

In a non-GFCI recommended location:
Open ground receptacle was noted. Recommend replacement with a 2-prong receptacle or providing proper ground. Devices/appliance with a 3-prong plug require a ground to reduce the risk of electrical shock and/or damage to sensitive electronics.

In a GFCI location:
Open ground 3-prong receptacles were noted. Recommend upgrading with GFCI protection to reduce the risk of dangerous electrical shocks. Addition of a grounding conductor can further reduce risks.

**The use of three-hole ground-type receptacles on a two-wire electrical system gives the impression that safety protection is present in the circuit, when in reality it is not. Older style two-hole receptacles are still available and should be installed to eliminate this false sense of security. Three-hole receptacles may be more convenient (and often less expensive), but are often installed without giving consideration to this situation. **
**The use of a three-pronged plug in an ungrounded receptacle can be a safety concern. The plug has the grounding provision for a reason and ****electrical appliances should always be used for the function they were intended to perform. **
**All such installations should be labeled ****“No Equipment Ground”****on each receptacle that applies. **Grounding of all “three-pronged” receptacles or protection with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) on each is recommended for safety reasons, prior to the close of escrow or after taking possession of the property.
“Two-hole” outlets are not grounded and should never be used with a “three-pronged” plug. Adapters have been devised for this usage, but there is still no adequate ground and such adapters are not always safe. Until the electrical system is upgraded for “three-pronged” usage, it would be prudent to not use adapters, extension cords, or “three-pronged” plugs in any way. Consider that “three-pronged” plugs have been engineered for use with a “three-hole” grounded receptacle.

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