Open Neutral-Entire Home

Why would the entire home show show an open neutral with my tester at every outlet.

I’m guessing faulty tester, loose grounded conductor in panel, POCO problem…

Here is the panel



It’s hard to tell for sure from the pic but the Neurtral looks like it might be loose and slightly charred at the connection. Send me a high res picture and I will see if I can get a better look.

Looks like possible evidence of arcing on the Grounded conductor up top, Gary…a little hard to tell all the way from Michigan, though.

I was doing a remodel years ago, and all the lights in the house flicked, the drill and the saws would stop intermitently. Come to find out that the SEC had been rubbing against a tree for years and the neutral had been cut in two. Ended up adding an underground service upgrade to the project.
So the answer to your question is yes, it is possible.

Try this one.


Somewhat better.

What I see is that the white insulation is turning brown that may indicate heating at the connection. It’s possible that the set screw was never properly torqued. It can go for years like that until enough oxidation builds up and produces a high resistance(impedance)
Call it out for repair by a qualified electrician.

The Aluminum conductors also looked discolored compared the “hot” legs of the SE at the main disconnect.

My tester is has went bad. Dang it. Off to Lowe’s

Happend during x-Mas I guess. Used it on the 23rd.

Buy two! I always carry a spare “everything” for just this reason. Ive been burned a few times in the early part of my HI by faulty equipment. Failed cameras, testers, etc. can put the skids on a good inspection.

That is really good advice especially if you use the LED “Traffic light” testers as they fail regularly, it is always worth having spares to confirm your findings, personaly I have about 5-6 different outlet testers in my bag.



Did you flag the grounds all made up in 2 big lugs?


It was built in 1981

Greg e-mail me your e-mail address so if I need your expert mind for help. I respect your knowledge.

I will like to pass a simple golden rules with the tester[s] always check the tester with knowen power source before you do the testing.

it will save yourself some headache later ]

I carry at least 3 GFCI / repectale tester with me in case one do fail on me which it do once awhile.

but really myself i rather carry the Wiggy voltage tester to verify it more clearly.

Merci, Marc