Open Neutral, What Happens...

I see the topic of open neutrals coming up from time to time, and why they are dangerous. This is IMO a good video that shows what happens in easy to understand terms:

Thanks Martin.

Nice simple explanations. I would hope that no one would ever use 110/220 instead of the correct 120/240 volts. :smiley:

I hope.:slight_smile: 120/240 is correct, but I only included it because of the good explanation with visuals.

I’m assuming this would only happen with a MWBC, correct?

Yes, an open neutral on a two wire circuit will just open the circuit and disconnect the load.

This can occur on a MWBC, or the service neutral. Both are dangerous, especially the service neutral sine it effects all 120 volt loads in the house.

Of the two video’s the first one (top one) is very well done as the individual uses the correct terminology very well. The second video (bottom link) is also well done. Yes, he does say 110 and 220 but then again he stated up front that he was a TV tech or repair guy so lets give him some slack…as it was still a nice presentation.

Just remember that electricity is going to get back to it’s source one way or the other. If the shared neutral of a multiwire branch circuit is removed you are creating a 240 volt series loaded circuit and appliances and other electrical equipment not intended to see 240 volts across its connections will without a doubt be potentially damaged depending on the load. Not to mention increasing the chance of a hazardous event possibly taking place with the affected appliance or utilization equipment to which it is connected.

However, nice video’s to explain the open neutral syndrome.