Opinions please. We cut a deal with DIRECTV to add value to member's services.

We’re working with DIRECTV to offer some added value to InterNACHI member’s inspection services.


The toll-free number isn’t set up yet but will be soon.


I signed up as a Direct TV affiliate about a year ago… They’ve got a great affiliate offer, or so I thought (every bit as good as this one.) Unfortunately even after a year, zero response. I don’t see this as being any better deal… So don’t mean to piss on your parade, but since you asked… (It does seem like a great deal to offer to your clients on the surface, but not a real money maker in the long run.)

Sounds good to me.

JUst something to think about: I have DirecTv so I have experience. What happens when you get a call from the client about the no show contractor, after they waited 4 hours for him to show up. You will probably have to reinspect after the installer lifts up your roof flashing and runs the 3 wires into the attic because he will only drill 1 hole without extra cost. I think it is great that NACHI is trying to add benfits but I dont recommend contractors for the same reason. When they dont show up or do a crappy job, I get called about it. DirecTV service is great but their subcontractors are horrible!

I don’t think this program amounts to recommending contractors. It is simply a way for clients of members to get 2 free months.

Any possibility of a Canadian deal? Keep up the good work.

I, too, was an affiliate for Direct TV for 1 year. I had a website, worked it to get lots of visits, and even offered the program to my clients as an added benefit. Results: 2 sales with one canceling just after ordering. I also received a call from a someone who had purchased a system from someone else wanting me to come repair it. I informed them I was only in the sales department as an affiliate and did not perform repairs/installations. Direct TV informed them incorrectly.

Nick, it’s out of the box thinking, but in my opinion, does not add much value to our services. I say go for something else to add value for our clients and to our services.

Nick why would you cut a deal with anyone before asking our input? Keep up the great work boss however get our input first before you waste your time and money.

Ah Billy, he owns the joint and doesn’t have to ask our permission to do whatever he wants or needs to do. He does a great job of coming up with unique things to make our inspection work and career more prosperous for us, that’s all that counts.

I’m lost. This deal doesn’t have you referring installation contractors or becoming an affiliate of anything.

It is simply a freebee (2 free months of DIRECTV)for your client. Similar to giving your client the “Now…” book www.nachi.org/now.htm with the report.

Is NACHI a DirectTV affiliate?