Outdoor Compressor Question

Anyone know what would cause this? It was from this morning. The outside temp was about 32 degrees and the unit was working properly.

This is a heat pump.

Pictures 013.jpg

This is quite normal for a heat pump working at very low outside air temperatures, the system is designed to switch of and go through a thaw cycle to clear any frost build-up every 1/2 hour or so.



Thanks Gary. I was not sure how often they went through their defrost cycle.

The “defrost cycle” is usually either on a timer or outdoor t’stat (ODT).

Hi to all,

it’s when they look like this that you have a real problem :shock:




good picture Gerry. It makes me feel all warm, fuzzy, and green

Dont they require cement pads in Tennessee??


Isn’t that just an outdoor beer cooler next to the A/C? :mrgreen:

Did you tell them the units were too close together and there was improper working clearance for the disconnects?

I wish I had the much room more often than not!:slight_smile:

That’s how I’d write it up Blaine

*“Handle missing from kegorator, unable to verify contents” :wink: *



very nice