Outdoors Wood Burner

I have a realtor asking me preliminary questions about a house. It is heated solely by an outdoors wood burner - both space heat and domestic hot water. Is there any reason the real estate sale process would require a traditional furnace and / or water heater be installed prior to the sale. I’m in Michigan and I’ve known several people that heat solely with wood but I’ve never been involved with it during the sale of the property.


Randy Leak
Property Prestige, LLC
Haslett, Michigan

How does that affect your inspection?

It does not directly affect my inspection but I am part of a team and I am interested in providing information to a realtor that is kind enough to refer work to me. I thought I would tap into this resource for further information to better educate myself and my local team.

How does your reply affect my question? If you have the requested information please share it, if you do not have it why waste your time and mine with a non answer?

Sorry you don’t like my question, but I’m just trying to get background on why you would need this. Now I know. Thanks

To answer your question. The lender might require a conventional system.

I would think this as well

Outside wood burning boilers is a great system, if you like to burn wood.
Most people up here that have installed one, keep their oil burning boilers as a back-up and most have converter their hot water heaters into storage tanks for heated domestic water.
Exterior wood burning boilers are far from trouble free and a back-up would be highly recommended.
They also cost in the vicinity of $10,000 -$15,000. If you have to buy your wood to feed these monsters that can use up to 10 cords of would a year, I would recommend that you stay with your oil fired furnace.

If you don’t like to cut and split 10 cords of wood every year, I would recommend you stay with your oil fired furnace.

If you don’t mind the above, go for it. :wink:

Inspected several in the Ozark hills. AND my cousin who lives on 350 wooded farm acres has one. Buying fuel is expensive / cutting wood is hard work.

Going outside in a cold or freezing rain or snow to stoke a wood burner sucks.

When you say you’re part of a Team … What does that mean exactly?

As with many Home Inspectors I get client referrals from realtors. We like to work as a team of resources / information. If they have questions prior to inspection I provide answers when I can to help and hopefully when the time comes to hire an inspector I have a foot in the door.