Outlet on Service Panel

Can anyone tell me if it is a defect to install a electrical outlet directly to the side of a service panel?

Thank you, in advance for your input.

Not if it’s installed correctly.


I do not have a NEC book. What is correct, is all I want to know!

You don’t need an NEC, you just need to know what you are looking at.

Is it in an unfinished utility area? If so is it GFI protected?
Is it mounted properly?

There is nothing inherently wrong with having a receptacle right next to a panel.

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I guess it’s a case of how it was done, if it’s in a properly afixed J box and wired correctly it should be OK, however when Buck asked the question I was envisioning a receptale cut in to the panel box or dead-front cover. I have seen a panel board where the owner fitted a generator connector to the dead-front using a dryer receptacle :twisted:



Hi all

I also have seen the “Generator Outlet” - Generator was next to breaker panel in garage - not plugged in but suicide cord was hanging on the wall

Condition corrected by changing the lable to “Welder”

Outlet was mounted and wired properly


I one that I am referring to was a metal box screwed with metal screws directly to the panel, no conduit, wire through panel, it was protected with a GFCI.


As long as the knock out it sleeved properly between cabinet and j-box and if it is in a unfinished basement or a garage it will have to be GFCI protected and the screws that were used to attach it to the panel should be of a blunt tip type and the outlet is protected with OCP of the right size

Thanks!! To All

And how did changing the labeling change the danger of the suicide cord or provide the breaker interlock or transfer switch function?


Home owners have been back feeding outlets with custom made jumper cords for many years.

There is nothing wrong with one hanging on the wall next to a generator

I ask you this question — If you had no power and a generator and no good cords could and would you hard wire the generator into the breaker box with no transfer switch and could you do it safely??

The amount of $$ to install a transfer switch and another panel is not small.

To backfeed an outlet after turning off the main breaker is not the right way of doing things but it works

I do not approve of backfeeding and would jump on anyone that would do it.

Would I do it myself?? – I refuse to answer etc. I take the fifth


Regardless of the amount of money to do this properly has no bearing on whether it is correct or Code compliant or not. The proper methods are documented and are to be followed. I wonder how the family that saved a few bucks would feel if their cavalier attitude resulted in a persons death. Heck, one of their own kids could be electrocuted just by plugging in the suicide cord and grabbing the end. Maybe the money they saved will pay for a nicer casket.

I have also had to go back and fix things that were incorrectly done many years ago. Just because it works does not make it safe or right.

I thought as HI’s you were to point out safety hazards. This seems to be too big to leave it as it is.

Sorry if this seems like a rant but I feel very strongly about this.