Over-Occupancy Rental Laws for Inspectors.

Over-Occupancy Rental Laws for Inspectors.

Why would we EVER want to go down this road?

We do no violations search. We do no code inspections. We are not involved in the real estate transaction.

We report on the physical condition of the property at the time of inspection. Even ASTM E2018-08 (which you hate) doesnt include this type of observation or reporting.

We do not report or opine on the use or potential use of the property in question, beyond what we see. We do not warantee the property, nor do we guarantee fitness for a particular purpose. This is spelled out in the UCC.

Municipal inspectors, attorneys, banks, and real estate professionals are chartered with the type of investigation your article deals with. The inspector does not, and is not expected to.

This is why we follow an industry-standard SOP.

The only time I think of something like this ending up in my report would be too many occupants for the typical septic system. Safety issue for the well water and the neighbors well water etc.

Is there going to be a logo for this?

A general home inspection is just one type of many, many types of inspections InterNACHI is involved with.

Then, I take it, you do not favor having inspectors validate and record the citizenship status of tenants in rental properties that they inspect, either??? :wink:

Joe, are STD inspections out of the question? LOL!