Over the Hill

I Finally made it over the hill and am on the down side now.

From Oct 21 1963 to Oct 21 2013 I have offically been on the tax rolls as a working person. Its been a short 50 years and the people I have worked with and met over the years has been inspiring, most have been great some not so great but over all it evens out in the end.

Thanks Nachi for the last 9 years:D

How old are you?

If you count (I do) the years (age 12 to 17) I was in a child labor camp, I’ve been working for 40 years straight. Loved every minute of it.

If I counted my child labor camp 12 to 17 working for .50 cents a hour scooping chicken manure I have been working for 56 years. I am 68 years old :wink:

I’ll work till I drop dead. I love to work.

I will drop dead before I drop working simply because of need.
Changed jobs and careers so many times that there is no pension rainbow.

Took me this long to find out I love inspecting but could never have been as good as I am becoming without that past.

Joining the new health club that opened up last week down the street and getting rid of this belly to keep going and for vanity.

Just happy I can still do my Charlie impression.This afternoon I freaked out my young athletic client by jumping out the attic dormer window and climbing up to the roof though must admit I was grateful he did not see how scared I was climbing back in.:slight_smile:
A few people in the street saw me climb up and were practically clapping…lol

Age effects us all in the end but by constantly striving to achieve and go beyond our comfort level we stay young at heart.

**Never be comfortable. **

Yep been there , didnt just hate dropping your chewing gum it too hours to find it;-)

Just turned 40. Sounds like I have a great time ahead of me :slight_smile:

You have just don’t burn out. I have children older than you and some that I prolly don’t know about its all the red hats fault though;-)