Overhead Wires Clearance to Gutter

This wire is right at the gutters. Is there a hard rule for minimum distance?

None that I’m aware of. Mine and several other houses inthis neighborhood are similar. The measurements we are all aware of are for wires above the roof.

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Would you still call this out?

For what, exactly?

Got a pic of the area of concern from below?

No. Not for clearance. The public utility will say it’s fine and it is their jurisdiction.

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It’s practically touching the metal gutter. Seems like it could be more unsafe than roof clearances? There is current on the neutral is there not?

How can you say that or anything without a clear observation of all the details of the installation?

The OP’s question was for CLEARANCE.

Looks a lot different from the bottom. Guess I changed my mind. I would call out the way its secured to the fascia and not the house (fascia rots fairly often) and the lack of a weatherhead.