Owens Corning blown insulation

I recently received this e-mail from a client asking the following:

“Are there any issues with reselling a home that has Owen’s Corning blown-in fibre glass insulation? The material name is Low Density Fiber Glass Insulation. It is a yellow/tan colour. Owen’s Corning no longer manufactures this insulation. It contains **4 to 15% urea, polymer with formaldehyde and phenol. ** This percentage is by weight”

Now, I don’t believe there are any issues and from what she says it has been there for some time. So any “off gasing” would likely be done with"

Anyone have any thoughts?


There could be a possibility that off gassing could occur if product becomes damp or wetted. Can’t find any proof of that but just a thought.

Also see this link

pages 9 through 11…

I believe once the original Gassing of is done it is gone .
This is usually gone in the first 6 weeks

Check out www.canspec.home.com Tim has an interesting article about UFFI

Peter, the link is http://www.canspechome.com.