What type of insulation??

What type of insulation is this? I have been calling it blown-in cellulose, but I’m not completely sure.

Greg, this might be blown in fiberglass insulation.


Marcel :slight_smile:

I agree with Marcel Looks like blown in Glass to me too.
… Cookie


Loose fill Fiberglass.

Cellulose below…


If it’s a newer house, just copy the information from the attic card.

As for insulation: Grab a chunk and chew on it. Mushy, paper. Crunchy fiber glass.

Well maybe you shouldn’t chew on the insulation. Go to Lowe’s and look at the cacoon stuff to for your own benefit.


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Yes, it’s an open blown-in fiberglass.

Watch a video on its installation in walls and the attic cavity.


Where is this picture from? There is no more than R4-5 installed on this ceiling. You can see the raised areas that are ceiling strapping of about 3/4 inch thickness.

Look familiar?

If it’s white it’s mineral wool, if it’s pink it’s fiberglass. Hard to tell the true color from the picture.

If Pink, its Owens Corning.

They trademarked the pink color of Fiberglass. All others are Yellow, White and/or some other coloration.

Not Pink.


Certainteed and others have white fiberglass. The old Johns-Mansfield used to be yellow. Up here Fiberglas has a product called Propink which looks mostly white but under a brighter light you can see a light pink hue in it. Mineral fiber or rock wool will have an off-white or buff to greyish colour.